When we started building our CoolX wallet we set out to build a Telos wallet that was really simple for ordinary users to use. It is often states that Bitcoin’s killer application is “money”. Although this is true in the sense that you can transfer anything from a few dollars to millions of dollars of Bitcoin (if you are fortunate enough to have that many) without the need for a trusted intermediary. Where Bitcoin falls short is that is is simply too slow, too expensive and too complicated for most people to use.

The Telos blockchain solves two of these problems, allowing users to transfer tokens between accounts within seconds at no cost. The problem of complexity still remains. Our view is that blockchain will never be uncomplicated but the user’s experience can be uncomplicated if application developers build applications designed for non-technical users. Just like we don’t need to understand http, tcp/ip and so on to enjoy the internet, we also do not need to know about staking, ram and signing transactions on Telos if the application takes care of that for us.

CoolX is a wallet designed for everyday use. We see users treating the application in a similar manner to how they would treat their physical wallet. With this in mind, the wallet was never intended to hold your crypto life savings.

We will continue to develop the CoolX wallet, adding features that we believe will be valuable to ordinary people.

If you believe we are adding value to Telos by building tools like the CoolX wallet please consider supporting us by voting for southafrica1 on Telos.

You can download the app from the Apple or Google app stores.

Apple : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/coolx-wallet/id1472490170?ls=1

Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=za.wallet.coolx

To find out more visit the CoolX wallet website (https://wallet.coolx.io) and our Telegram channel (https://t.me/coolx_wallet).


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