We are excited to announce the release of our eZAR wallet application on Android and iOS. The eZAR wallet was created to make crypto easy for ordinary users. We realised that the need to create a Telos account and keep your keys safe is an unnecessary complication for people who simply want to use EZAR to make and receive payments, that is why we built the eZAR wallet. With the eZAR wallet you can;

  • Create an account by downloading the wallet and signing up using your mobile phone number.
  • Send EZAR to your friends and receive EZAR from your friends using their phone number.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen you are able to recover your account using your phone number and your wallet pin.
  • You can use the wallet as a simple point-of-sale terminal by selecting the “receive” option, entering the amount of EZAR you would like to receive and allowing another wallet user to scan the QR code presented by the application.
  • If you have a South African bank account you are able to buy and sell EZAR directly through the application.

The eZAR application makes a point of keeping things simple for ordinary users. You are not limited to what we are able to offer through this application. If you are an advanced Telos user who already has a Telos account and would like to transfer your EZAR to that account, you can do that by sending to a Telos account. From there you can swap EZAR for other Telos tokens (using the CoolX token swap function) or trade Telos on Newdex.

The eZAR application is compatible with the CoolX wallet. You are able to send and receive EZAR between these applications by using the receive option on the receiving wallet then scanning the QR code from the sending wallet.

What makes the eZAR application different

The eZAR wallet application is a blockchain wallet for the EZAR stable coin. With a blockchain wallet you are your own bank. You are the only one who is able to spend your EZAR. Nobody can ever take your EZAR away by connecting to the “back end” the way ordinary bank accounts work. With this extra power comes extra responsibility. You must keep your account pin and phone safe. Anybody with access to your phone and pin will have access to your EZAR.

Our referral program

We have implemented a referral program to assist with the adoption of EZAR and the eZAR wallet. This program is only available in certain countries based on who we believe will benefit most from EZAR and contribute to a sustainable EZAR community. The program rewards the referrer and new user when the new user does their first transaction. We will make further announcements on the program as we roll it out. Be sure to check back on this site for new announcements.

Get the eZAR application

You can download the eZAR application using the following links;

To find out more about EZAR please visit the EZAR website.

If you are interested in a full Telos wallet please visit the CoolX wallet website here.

Also join our Telegram channel if you would like to reach out to us.


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