We recently launched our CoolX wallet application for Apple and Android phones. Details on this announcement can be found here;

Medium : https://medium.com/@coolx/announcing-coolx-wallet-60aacf942c33

EOSza website : https://eosza.io/eosza-releases-the-coolx-wallet

The CoolX wallet is an EOSIO blockchain wallet which works on the Telos and EOS blockchains. Users would normally need an account or know somebody who has an account on these blockchains to be able to create a new account. When the Telos blockchain was launched the Telos Foundation allocated 1 million Telos for the creation of Telos blockchain accounts. If you would like a Telos account you can download the CoolX wallet from the Android or Apple app stores and create your free Telos account.

One of the innovations of EOSIO was to introduce human readable account names. When you create your account you can choose a name for your account. The name must consist of 12 characters chosen from lowercase “a”-“z” and “1”-“4”. There is a good technical explanation for why you are limited to these letters and numbers but we will not cover that here.

Be sure to check out the CoolX wallet website for more details on how to create an account.

Please consider voting for southafrica1 if you believe we are adding value to the Telos blockchain.

Other useful links

CoolX wallet website : https://wallet.coolx.io

CoolX Telegram channel : https://t.me/coolx_wallet

Telos Foundation : https://telosfoundation.io

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