Telos Foundation Candidate

EOSza, represented by Rory Mapstone, announce our candidacy for the Telos Foundation. For more on the Telos Foundation see

Rory Mapstone


Rory graduated from the University on Natal, South Africa with a Masters degree in mechanical engineering in 1989. He was then employed in the aeronautical industry until 1993 when he founded his own company specialising in research, test and measurement in the aeronautical industry. This business later expanded to include test and measurement in the telecommunications industry. In 1999 he founded LGR Telecommunications together with Lucky Fatsilidis. This company created and sold CDRlive, a software system allowing the storage and analysis of call data records, to mobile operators across Africa, Australia and the USA. The largest installations of this solution allowed the simultaneous load and query of more that 5 billion records per day. Rory and Lucky sold LGR Telecommunications and CDRlive and founded EOSza in 2018.

Rory bought his first Bitcoin in 2014 and has always had a keen interest in blockchain. Although these early blockchains showed promise they were simply not fast enough to serve any practical business purpose. Rory discovered EOS in late 2017 and with the release of Dawn 4.0 in early 2018 explored the feasibility of moving internal projects to EOSIO. These projects achieved the performance required to make them commercially viable resulting in the belief that EOSIO is the future for blockchain.

Rory attended the first Block One global hackathon in Hong Kong as a mentor and later the London and Africa hackathons as a member of a team. Rory also founded the EOSza Centurion Meetup community in South Africa.

EOSza joined the Telos community as a block producer shortly prior to the mainnet launch and have been a standby block producer since network launch. EOSza are pursuing opportunities on both EOS and Telos. Because of our participation on the Telos blockchain, our loyalty lies with the success of Telos generally and specifically in our region.

EOSza has realised that the main obstacles to mass adoption of EOSIO (both Telos and EOS) in the region are (1) awareness and (2) access to tokens. Besides our block producing efforts, our primary focus is making these blockchains accessible to users.


BSc Mechanical Engineering, University of Natal, 1986

MSc Mechanical Engineering, University of Natal, 1988

Work experience

Atlas Aircraft : 1989 to 1993

Design Engineer

Instrumach : 1993 to 2005

Founder and technical director

LGR Telecommunications : 1999 to 2018

Chief Technical Officer

EOSza : 2018