Building an excellent blockchain

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A great blockchain can only be built on a solid foundation. On Telos this involves 21 active block producers and 30 standby producers who are required to participate in block production on a regular basis. The fact that 30 standby producers participate in block production means that all active and standby producers impact on the health and performance of the chain. We support block producers who are doing their part in building sound infrastructure required to make Telos the best blockchain. We vote for BPs who are;

  1. Compliant with the Telos constitution and minimum infrastructure requirements.
  2. Provide excellent technical services. This includes the best CPU performance, the the fewest missed blocks and public API functionality.
  3. Geographic diverse.
  4. Actively participate in growing the adoption of Telos.

Who “teloszaproxy” is voting for

Note : methodology has been updated to include consideration of P2P and public API based of data provided by EOS Metal (for more see here)

A block producer ranking methodology has been developed to yield a balance between CPU benchmark, missed block rates and a functioning public API. This methodology is described below;

  1. Missed block rates are normalised using the following formula – 1 000 000 x (missed blocks)/(blocks producer + missed blocks). It is necessary to normalise missed block counts to make the measure fair for top 21 producers who produce the majority of blocks and are therefore most likely to miss blocks. Block producers were ranked according to missed block rates.
  2. Block producers were ranked using AlohaEOS’s CPU benchmark (see AlohaEOS Telos Block Producers Benchmarks).
  3. A block producer score was calculated as (BP score) = (missed block rate rank) + (CPU benchmark rank). This score was used to rate block producers (lower score is better).
  4. The public API and P2P connections were checked using the validation tool provided by EOS Metal. Producers with errors were checked manually to verify that the error was valid. Producers with verified errors were excluded from the analysis. Producers with warnings were penalised in the analysis.
  5. Select 10 producers based on geographic diversity by selecting the top 2 block producers from each of the following regions – North America, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Africa and Australia – based on BP score from above.
  6. Select a total of 15 top 21 producers as those that have already been selected through geographic diversity plus the remaining best performers based on BP score.
  7. Select a total of 15 top standby as those that have already been selected through geographic diversity plus the remaining best performers based on BP score.

This methodology should allow us to select 15 excellent top 21 producers and 15 excellent standby producers while maintaining our goal of geographic diversity.

Our votes based on data collected on 1 March 2019 and API availability on 7 March 2019 are as follows;

Producer nameBlocks producedBlocks missed (1)CPU benchmarkReason
theteloscope24 72001.174Region
swedencornet20 59201.191Region
teleclipse2416 48901.229Standby
eosphereiobp17 50801.242Region
southafrica120 60401.305Region
tokenika4tls12 34801.327Standby
eosbarcelona565 235441.102Top 21
eostribeprod16 48601.587Region
octagontelos56 3335961.025Top 21
telosnewyork487 212 511.227Region
eosmetaliobp572 5671051.154Top 21
telosintasia16 48802.056Region
telosmadrid1564 9865711.096Top 21
telosunlimit9 564 02.550Standby
eosvenezuela16 47602.003Standby
telosmiamibp568 42941.386Top 21
caleosblocks577 188 4711.182Top 21
cryptosuviio205671 1661.059Standby
atticlabtlbp16 461 9100.980Standby
votedutcheos573 501 511.493Top 21
telosuknodes553 747 141.584Top 21
21zephyr1111553 946 721.506Top 21
telosglobal1521 894 6971.331Top 21
telosgreenbp548 692 8581.308Top 21
telosdacnode562 4942 9351.227Top 21
tlsvenezuela560 3356 0051.227Top 21
eosdublinwow36 860 811.999Standby
teloscantons167 574 1131.771Standby
tlosimperabp20 604 1461.956Standby
eosiodetroit568 980 7361.587Top 21


  1. Missed block counts normalised to make the measure fair for top 21 producers who produce the majority of blocks and therefore are more likely to miss blocks.

The next table lists the block producers not included in our vote. For some of these producers CPU or block statistics are not available. It was therefore not possible to include them. Lists will be updated on a regular basis. When statistics become available for these producers they will be considered. It must also be emphasised that missed block rates are reported as missed blocks per 1 million blocks. It is necessary to normalise missed blocks in this way to make comparisons fair on the top 21 producers who produce the majority of the blocks and therefore are likely to have the most missed blocks in absolute terms.

Producer nameBlocks producedBlocks missed (1)CPU benchmark
telosvoyager95 95301.610
nebulablocks12 37103.042
kainosblkpro572 6681270.962
infinitybloc565 1431021.199
telawakeiobp24 48101.815
csxcommunity18 96104.657
bpeosindexio20 60305.714
beyondbtctls12 35903.956
telos1russia33 31005.419
goodblocktls563 3352 7091.018
blindblocart532 3612 6601.358
telosgermany17 4352 0611.449
teloscentral12 359 813.529
tlsvancouver555 406 7751.648
eosvibesbloc19 8167 0151.338
bigironbptex535 1501 1671.515
eossandiego116 497 8482.371
eosgermanybp13 27390 4546.381
telosafrique20 613113 5347.027
telasiachina9009143 8752.307
jijiplannode20 517759.385